Sentimental story

Mary, The Cat, And the Big C

Nov 08, 2021

“But I want to keep her….” I argued as mom made a face looking from me to the kitten I was cradling in my hands. 

“You can’t keep a goldfish alive for days. What about this baby!” mom said as she pointed to the kitten that’s now gently nibbling my fingers. 

“I’ll make it work, I promise. I’ll do everything you want, chores every week, name it, just let me keep her,” I began as tears started falling down my cheeks. I realized I had it bad. Bad for a little kitten found in the streets. 

And just like that, the war with mom was over.  

Our truce was simple. I, Mary, will have to take care of Monya (pronounced Mona) as if she were my own child. My parents wouldn’t be in the way with how I take care of her and that suits me just fine. What excites  me is that I have something to look forward to--- something warm and soft to cuddle every night. And the best part was, , she’s all mine. 

Monya was so easy to love. It’s funny that while she looked  like a majestic white cat, she had the gentle nature of a dog. I loved playing catch with her as we play ball together. When I’m sick, Monya was my constant companion. She was extremely sweet and kept on rolling her little head on a pillow near me and we would sleep together. I could tell her everything. She knew every little secrets and I had  an empathic ear listening to every woes I keep sharing. Monya was such a smart cat.  

Our relationship grew stronger especially when my family found out that my father had cancer. It was a difficult time for all of us and that’s where I found out that Monya treated us more than her owners but her family. When dad could hardly walk, Monya often slept by his side. When he was  not feeling well, Monya would go to him and asked to be hug. She cuddles up until he felt stronger.  She was fairly protective of him from strangers hissing and scratching every chance she gets. She was like this until my dad fought the cancer and his moving on to greater heights to be well. 

I love Monya. She was  by far my best friend in the world as she was  to my entire family. I’m glad that during that cold autumn in 2010, she chose me. My world will never be the same. 

It would be easier to say that my Monya and I lived happily ever after walking  side by side in every life travails. But it simply wasn’t the case. At the beginning of 2021, I noticed a growing bump on one of her cat nipples. I immediately rushed to the Vet to get to the bottom of it. But the prediction was overwhelming. Monya had cancer. I was warned that an operation could end her life but I wasn’t willing to give up without a fight. So she had another operation. But the next, was too much. Monya became very ill. On April 27, 2021, Monya died in my arms. There are simply no words. 

I was inconsolable. 

A part of me died and I felt everything was taken away. 

There was a time I couldn’t even remember her face that I have cried myself to sleep every night since her passing. 

After six months, I was overjoyed to have found Covatar in the internet. I learned that they create realistic and beautiful portraits of your loved ones including pets. I just have to jump at the chance to see Monya again. At least in portrait. So I ordered my portrait, and in just a week, I received my portrait. Monya was very beautiful. We look very happy together as we smiled serenely looking at the future together. And I soon realized that though Monya passed on, her memories have lived on. And the fact that I shared every living moment with her was priceless more than time could ever offer. 

From that portrait that Covatar made, I found my closure. And as I look skyward, I can imagine my beautiful Monya looking down on me, happy that I am happy for her as she moves on to the light. 

Thank you Covatar for this precious gift that symbolizes our love for one another. Until next time!

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